We inform you of how can you have sexual intercourse

We inform you of how can you have sexual intercourse

Note: This web web page addresses problems of Jewish legislation that will never be suitable for more youthful visitors. In places, it talks about behavior that is sexual simple and frank terms. Please exercise appropriate discernment.

Trigger Warning: this site describes some common Jewish points of view about intercourse and sexuality that you could find unpleasant. Certainly, also some movements that are jewish refused a few of these viewpoints today. Other points of view are far more liberal than you’ll expect, and might offend individuals with more conservative sensibilities. In the event that you may be disrupted to read through about conventional Judaism’s point of look at these issues, you might avoid these pages.

Jewish Attitudes Towards Sex

In Jewish legislation, intercourse is certainly not considered shameful, obscene or sinful. Intercourse is certainly not looked at as a necessary evil for the only real intent behind procreation. Although sexual interest arises from the yetzer ra (the wicked impulse), it really is no further wicked than hunger or thirst, which also originate from the yetzer ra. Like hunger, thirst or any other fundamental instincts, sexual interest should be managed and channeled, pleased in the proper time, destination and way. Nevertheless when sexual interest is pleased between a couple during the appropriate time, away from shared love and desire, intercourse is just a mitzvah.

Intercourse is permissible just in the context of a married relationship. Continue reading “We inform you of how can you have sexual intercourse”